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Clarion Presents:

The two-fold mission of the Clarion Foundation is to support the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop and to promote the understanding that the literature of speculative fiction benefits our society in ways many have not considered.

As well as supporting the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop, based at UC San Diego, Clarion works closely with Clarion alumni, students and teachers to build community within Science Fiction and Fantasy. Graduates of Clarion include many of the greatest voices in SF and Fantasy over the last 45 years, and continue to break into new genres -- the New Weird, Cyberpunk, New Wave -- developing some of the best new voices in the field.

The 2014 Clarion Literary Pin-up Calendar is Lee Moyer's third calendar, but his first in partnership with the Clarion Foundation. This year Lee is building the calendar around Clarion's past and its future, from January -- a pin-up version of founder Damon Knight's "To Serve Man" -- to December -- a pin-up Kathe Koja puppet -- to broaden Clarion's visibility and spotlight our role in developing great new writers.

Click here for more about why we decided to do a pin-up calendar.


The 2014 Calendar:

The 2014 Clarion Literary Pin-up Calendar is a full-color, 9" x 12" wall calendar featuring pin-ups resulting from collaboration between artist Lee Moyer and 12 of Clarion's co-founders, alumni, and Workshop teachers and friends. Each month features a painted pin-up that reflects the author's oeuvre, as well as customized calendar pages, complete with author-chosen "holidays." In 2014, you'll not only be reminded of Valentine's Day, but also Oscar Wilde's birthday, the Feast of the Polyhedrons, and Talk Like a Pirate day!

Your donation will allow the Foundation to offset the many costs associated with the calendar, ensuring we can get it out to Clarion's supporters, to Lee's many fans, and to independent bookstores and book communities before the Holiday Season. It also shines a light on the Clarion Workshop's proud history of supporting great writing, and will assist in helping future students and readers find Clarion.

All contributions are welcome, but larger donations will bring more excitement to your door. Any contribution of $25 or more gets you your own copy of the calendar (shipping in the USA included). $100 will get you a pristine calendar (without the hole punch), signed by Lee.

We did say the donation amounts would be going up after our Indiegogo campaign. And it's true that many of the perks offered during the campaign are no longer available. But due to demand from our fans, we're keeping the donation amounts for the remaining perks low -- our holiday gift to you.


The Impact:

Clarion is well known among science fiction and fantasy writers, and Lee Moyer among science fiction fans. By teaming up, we hope to build greater understanding and support for the processes and community of artists, writers, fans and fans-to-be for the very best in science fiction and fantasy. In a crowded marketplace of ideas, Clarion is driven to continue to build awareness among the best and brightest potential writers out there, and to give writers with great potential a shot at a proven process that's "literally" launched hundreds of writing careers. Help us get out there!

This is Lee's third Literary Pin-up calendar, and the first in a long relationship we plan to build together. It's an exciting moment for us, and we hope for you!


Other Ways You Can Help:

If you can't contribute, or can't buy your calendar now, please give us a share in your social media tools. Help us get the word out, on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, wherever you hang out and new supporters can be found.

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$25 USD:

You get two copies of the 2014 Clarion Calendar mailed to your door. (Thoughtful international donors might want to add $10 to their contribution because of the higher costs of shipping overseas. Enter a "1" to the right of your preferred donation amount.)

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