Five Ways to Support Clarion

What if things were different? Society only changes when we ask ourselves that question, and no literature is better at asking it than the literature of the fantastic. The better and more fully imagined our science fiction and fantasy is, the brighter our future as a species will be.

The Clarion Foundation and UCSD have recently embarked on a joint fundraising campaign that will make the Clarion Workshop financially self-supporting and will ensure -- through scholarships -- that every Clarion student who is accepted can attend.

Do your part to create a brighter future for humankind!


  1. Make a Cash Donation
    Your cash donation, large or small, automatic or one-time-only, can help us meet our goal of making the Clarion Workshop financially self-supporting and ensuring -- through scholarships -- that every Clarion student who is accepted can attend.

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  2. Donate eBay Profits via MissionFish
    If you are an eBay seller, you can choose to donate some or all of your profits to the Clarion Foundation through If you are an eBay buyer, you can find auction items whose sellers are donating portions of their profits to Clarion by clicking here.

  3. Participate in the Clarion Auctions
    The Clarion Foundation holds annual live auctions as well as eBay auctions. You can participate by donating items to be auctioned and by bidding generously. Check our Auction page regularly to find out what, when, and where.

  4. Donate by Buying Books
    Begin your online book purchases on the Clarion Foundation's web site by clicking on any Mysterious Galaxy logo. We earn a small commission on every Mysterious Galaxy book purchase that originates on our site. You'll be supporting one of the great independent booksellers of science fiction and fantasy at the same time.

  5. Donate in Kind
    We also happily accept donations of goods or services in kind. To discuss donations of this type, please contact the Clarion Foundation's President, Karen Joy Fowler, by email at

  6. Donate Your Time
    While we appreciate donations of cash, we can not live by cash alone. If you have more time than money, we're looking for you. The Clarion Foundation has no employees. We are run entirely by generous volunteers who want to do their part to help the Clarion Workshop. Volunteer now!





"Clarion consistently trains and turns out the sharpest, most talented, most wildly original voices in our field. Where lesser programs exert a normative pressure that forces all the work coming out of them to a kind of even keel of sameness, the Clarion workshop manages the nearly impossible trick of bringing out writers' individual voices, turning out vividly dreaming graduates whose work turns the field on its ear every five years or so."

Cory Doctorow
Clarion Foundation Trustee