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2011 Write-a-Thon Participants

To sponsor a writer, browse through the list below. Clicking on a writer's name takes you to their personal Write-a-Thon page, where you'll find writing samples, lists of publications, Write-a-Thon goals, and other details. Each writer's page also includes web payment buttons and payment-by-mail instructions. You can make a formal pledge-per-word or page. Or donate whatever suits your budget -- $1/week, $5/week, $20/week, or more -- or just a flat amount for the six weeks. Every donation helps, no matter how large or small. For extra fun, sponsor more than one writer. If you're a writer participant yourself, donate to your writer friends! Egg each other on! Grab a Write-a-Thon badge for your web page, blog, and social networking pages!

Donate to more than one writer at once by clicking the red button.

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By First Name

By Last Name

Aaron Shipp
Adam Israel
Agnes Kormendi
Ahmed Al-Sheikh
Alexander Couzens
Alexandra Seidel
Alexy Saltekoff
Aliene Believe
Amanda Gregory
Amelia Bruce
Amna Kha
Andy Duncan
Anna Fonte
Ashly Nagrant
Barth Anderson
Ben Meginnis
Ben Dobson
Beth Overmyer
Bobbie Kinkead
Brandon Markham
Bret Robinson
Bryony Jameson
Camille LaGuire
Cath Schaff-Stump
Catherine McGivney
Charlene Delfin
Cheryl Warner
Christi Kassity
Christopher C. Leader
Clarity A. Bast
Colin Carlton
Colin F. Barnes
Csilla Kleinheincz
Curtis Chen
Dallas Taylor
Damian Breslin
Dani L
Danielle Wright
David Macinnis Gill
Dawn Hebein
Donaya Haymond
Donna K. Fitch
EK Gonzales
Ellis Bergstresser
Ferrett Steinmetz
Geoffrey Landis
Gloria Sung
Gregory Norman Bossert
Heather Moeller
Heidi Hunter
Hollie Allen
Jacqueline Reuter
James Emory, Jr
James Stevens-Arce
James Patrick Kelly
January Mortimer
Jen Greyson
Jennifer Hughes
Jezaret Addison
Jim Shea
Jim Mentink
Joanne Huspek
John Stevens
John McDaid
Joshua Garratt
Judith Tarr
Jules Wrenne
Julie Andrews
June Brown
Justin Whitney
Karen Fowler
Karen Blocher
Kari Maaren
Kari O'Connor
Katrina Campbell
Kaye Toal
Keffy Kehrli
Kelly McClymer
Kelly Lagor
Kenneth O'Shaughnessy
Kim Stanley Robinson
Kyllan Brindle
Lakan David Inocencio
Lance Oldham
Laura Anne Gilman
Lauren Park
Leigh Huse
Leonard Pung
Lesley Ashmore
Leslie What
Liliana Vera
Lindsay Morgan Lockhart
Liz Argall
Lucy Stone
Lucy Snyder
Lyla Lee
Lyndon Riggall
MRR Arcega
Marcia Vanderstraaten
Marta Weeks
Mathew Carter
Meg Gibbs
Meghan Jones
Merc Rustad
Michèle Laframboise
Michelle Kosenka-Evans
Miriam Rocke
Misa Buckley
Mur Lafferty
Nancy Etchemendy
Nathan McDaniel
Nicola Arthurs
Nikki Broadwell
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Olga Efremova
Paul Tevis
Rachael Acks
Rebeca Meyer
Rebecca Wohlgemuth
Rob Heckman
Robert Crais
Rod Hillen
Rose Wilson
Sammi Dailey
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Crumb
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Sophie Sparham
Stacie Brown
Stephanie Mantell
Stephanie Hough
Stephen Jack Cullen
Steven Domingues
Sue Burke
Tapanga Koe
Terri Osborne
The Clarion Foundation
Tony Rivera
Toshi Richardson
Vickie Hollar
Victoria Griesdoorn
Wesley Brown
William Alexander
Yves Hacault
Zach Newell
Zachary Gillis
Acks, Rachael
Addison, Jezaret
Al-Sheikh, Ahmed
Alexander, William
Allen, Hollie
Anderson, Barth
Andrews, Julie
Arcega, MRR
Argall, Liz
Arthurs, Nicola
Ashmore, Lesley
Barnes, Colin F.
Bast, Clarity A.
Believe, Aliene
Bergstresser, Ellis
Blocher, Karen
Bossert, Gregory Norman
Breslin, Damian
Brindle, Kyllan
Broadwell, Nikki
Brown, Wesley
Brown, Stacie
Brown, June
Bruce, Amelia
Buckley, Misa
Burke, Sue
Campbell, Katrina
Carlton, Colin
Carter, Mathew
Chen, Curtis
Couzens, Alexander
Crais, Robert
Crumb, Sarah
Cullen, Stephen Jack
Dailey, Sammi
Delfin, Charlene
Dobson, Ben
Domingues, Steven
Duncan, Andy
Efremova, Olga
Emory, Jr, James
Etchemendy, Nancy
Fitch, Donna K.
Fonte, Anna
Foundation, The Clarion
Fowler, Karen
Garratt, Joshua
Gibbs, Meg
Gill, David Macinnis
Gillis, Zachary
Gilman, Laura Anne
Gonzales, EK
Gregory, Amanda
Greyson, Jen
Griesdoorn, Victoria
Hacault, Yves
Haymond, Donaya
Hebein, Dawn
Heckman, Rob
Hillen, Rod
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
Hollar, Vickie
Hough, Stephanie
Hughes, Jennifer
Hunter, Heidi
Huse, Leigh
Huspek, Joanne
Inocencio, Lakan David
Israel, Adam
Jameson, Bryony
Jones, Meghan
Kassity, Christi
Kehrli, Keffy
Kelly, Sarah
Kelly, James Patrick
Kha, Amna
Kinkead, Bobbie
Kleinheincz, Csilla
Koe, Tapanga
Kormendi, Agnes
Kosenka-Evans, Michelle
L, Dani
LaGuire, Camille
Lafferty, Mur
Laframboise, Michèle
Lagor, Kelly
Landis, Geoffrey
Leader, Christopher C.
Lee, Lyla
Lockhart, Lindsay Morgan
Maaren, Kari
Mantell, Stephanie
Markham, Brandon
McClymer, Kelly
McDaid, John
McDaniel, Nathan
McGivney, Catherine
Meginnis, Ben
Mentink, Jim
Meyer, Rebeca
Moeller, Heather
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Mortimer, January
Nagrant, Ashly
Newell, Zach
O'Connor, Kari
O'Shaughnessy, Kenneth
Oldham, Lance
Osborne, Terri
Overmyer, Beth
Park, Lauren
Pung, Leonard
Reuter, Jacqueline
Richardson, Toshi
Riggall, Lyndon
Rivera, Tony
Robinson, Kim Stanley
Robinson, Bret
Rocke, Miriam
Rustad, Merc
Saltekoff, Alexy
Schaff-Stump, Cath
Seidel, Alexandra
Shea, Jim
Shipp, Aaron
Snyder, Lucy
Sparham, Sophie
Steinmetz, Ferrett
Stevens, John
Stevens-Arce, James
Stone, Lucy
Sung, Gloria
Tarr, Judith
Taylor, Dallas
Tevis, Paul
Toal, Kaye
Vanderstraaten, Marcia
Vera, Liliana
Warner, Cheryl
Weeks, Marta
What, Leslie
Whitney, Justin
Wilson, Rose
Wohlgemuth, Rebecca
Wrenne, Jules
Wright, Danielle

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