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What is the Clarion Foundation?

The Clarion Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) charitable status. It was established in the autumn of 2005 to ensure that, regardless of economic ups and downs, the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop will continue to function at the same high level of excellence that has made it one of the most acclaimed writing workshops in the country. The Foundation's board of directors includes some of the most illustrious names in science fiction and fantasy writing.

The Clarion Foundation provides an online support community for Clarion supporters and alumni, and is doing many kinds of fundraising to support the ongoing work of educating aspiring writers of science fiction and fantasy through the Clarion Writers' Workshop at UCSD.


What's the difference between the Clarion Foundation and the Clarion Writers' Workshop?

The Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop is organized, overseen, and governed by the Clarion Foundation.

The Clarion Writers' Workshop is one of the oldest and most well-respected writers' workshops in the nation. Established in 1968 by Robin Scott Wilson with help from eminent science fiction writers Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm, the workshop provides an intensive six-week education in the basics of creating speculative fiction. From 1972 to 2006, the workshop was hosted by Michigan State University in East Lansing. It is currently hosted by the University of California, San Diego.

The Clarion Foundation was created in 2005 for the express purpose of supporting the Clarion Workshop both financially and strategically, in order to ensure that the Workshop will continue to provide a high-quality educational experience for aspiring writers. The Foundation provides this support through fund-raising, publicity, volunteer efforts, and interaction with the faculty and administration at UCSD.


How can I find out more about the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Workshop and how to apply for it?

For details about the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Workshop or to apply, please go to the Clarion Workshop area of our web site by clicking here.


Is the Clarion Foundation a legally incorporated entity?

Yes, the Clarion Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Oregon. Click here to view the Foundation's articles of incorporation.


Are my donations to the Foundation tax deductible?

Yes. As mentioned above, the Clarion Foundation is a legally incorporated non-profit organization, awarded charitable (501(c)(3)) status by the I.R.S. Your donations to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


What is the Clarion Foundation's mission?

The two-fold mission of the Clarion Foundation is to support the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop and to promote the understanding that the literature of speculative fiction benefits our society in ways many have not considered.

The Clarion Foundation is a nonprofit literary organization and is committed to equal opportunity. The writers who participate in it reflect the wide diversity of the population as a whole, as do the instructors.


What percentage of my donation will support the Clarion Writers' Workshop?

During the past year, the Foundation's expenses accounted for approximately 5% of revenues collected. Because we are a volunteer organization with no rented physical facilities, no employees, and very few administrative expenses, our overhead is very low.


Where can I find the Foundation's bylaws?

Click here to view the Clarion Foundation's bylaws online.


Does it matter whether I donate to the Foundation or to UC San Diego?

It makes very little difference. Donations for scholarships and the general Clarion endowment can be made either through the Foundation or through UCSD. In both cases, your donation will be used exclusively for support of the Clarion Workshop and its students. And in both cases, your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Clarion is supported in part by
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