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"Clarion Moves" Chat

with the Clarion Foundation Board of Trustees
September 28, 2006, 9:00 P.M. EST

Chat participants were Tim Keating (chat host), Kate Wilhelm (Foundation President), James Patrick Kelly (Foundation VP), Leslie What (Foundation Secretary), Nancy Etchemendy (Foundation Treasurer), Karen Joy Fowler (Trustee), Jim Shea (UCSD Constituent Relations), Liz Zernechel (2006 Clarion Director), Kate Fedewa (2005 Clarion Assistant), Jeff vandermeerr (2007 Clarion faculty), Boris Layupan (Clarion alum and Circle member), Traci Castleberry (Clarion alum and Circle member), Michael Burstein (Clarion alum and Circle member), Sarah Kelly (Clarion alum and Circle member), Michael Furlong (Clarion alumm and Circle member), Keith Watt (Circle member), Thomas Doyle (alum), and Ray Vukcevich (innocent bystander).

TimK: First I will outline how things are going to run for the participants, then I want to give each of you a chance to introduce yourselves.
*** kfedewa has joined channel #clarion
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skelly: Hi Jim and everyone!
LeslieWhat: Even if we haven't started, can I take a sec to thank everyone for making space to be here.
NancyE: Sure
LeslieWhat: (it was a rhetorical question:)
NancyE: =8)
lzernechel: It's nice to be forced out of the theatre for a few hours
NancyE: Good! Happy to help you out.
TimK: Seems like the audience is small enough that they can be expected to behave themselves.
jkelly: Maybe, but how about the Board?
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TimK: OK everybody, we're running a little behind due to technical issues I introduced :-)
TimK: I'd like to go ahead and get started now, unless anyone objects.
TimK: (Silence is tacit statement of preparedness.)
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NancyE: Hi, Ray
rvukcevich: Hi Nancy
*** mburstein has joined channel #clarion
mburstein: Am I back?
TimK: You are.
kwilhelm: Hi, Ray, Jeff, all, welcom to chaos
mburstein: Did I miss the opening statement?
TimK: Nope.
jvandermeer: hello
TimK: Just about to get the party started.
TimK: OK everyone, welcome to this Clarion (non) Circle chat.
TimK: Our guests this evening are the Clarion Trustees and our topic is the recently announced move to UCSD.
TimK: OK folks, we have left the channel unmoderated, so anyone can post.
TimK: I noticed in the archived chats the moderator tends to take the lead in asking questions, but I honestly don't have a long history with Clarion, so I may not be the best person to do that.
NancyE: Tim, just be our traffic cop. Keep things organized for us.
TimK: You guys probably have more salient questions than I would, so I'm going to go directly into open Q&A.
jkelly: Good!
TimK: Right, if you have a question please say "question"
TimK: I will give everyone the go-ahead in turn.
TimK: I do expect everyone to be polite. I would hope that needn't be said, but there, I said it.
jvandermeer: tea and crumpets polite?
lzernechel: just thought I'd mention that if someone wants to speak to another outside the big chat area you can double click on their name to the right and it'll put you in a new room with them
TimK: No, just no unnecessary cussing and childish name-calling polite.
LeslieWhat: Good, because I already spilled my tea on my crumpet.
TimK: I have been reassured by Nancy et al that they are here to answer even hard questions.
*** kfowler has joined channel #clarion
kfowler: sorry I'm late
NancyE: Glad you made it
TimK: I was going to ask each of the Clarion folks to briefly introduce themselves . . . but it seems that may not be neceessary?
NancyE: Not a bad idea
TimK: OK let's do that then.
kfowler: I'm Karen Joy Fowler, part of the Clarion board.
jkelly: My intro: Jim Kelly, Clarion victim 74 and 76, Clarion overlord 90, 92, 94, 96, 98, 01, 03. I think that's it.
kwilhelm: Kate Wilhelm here. I've been involved with Clarion since l968 and presently am the chair person of the Clarion Foundation.
NancyE: I'm Nancy Etchemendy, the Foundation's Treasurer, and a board member.
NancyE: Oh yeah...I'm a Clarion victim, too. 1982
kfowler: We call you survivors.
NancyE: LOL
jkelly: Thanks.
LeslieWhat: I'm Leslie What, Clarion 1976 and BoD Secretary. Hi, all!
kfowler: I think that's it for board members. We have a few who couldn't be here.
kfowler: Would anyone else like to introduce themselves? I recognize some of you, in spite of your clever disguises.
kfowler: Jim Shea should also be introduced, assuming he arrives.
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*** JimatUCSD has joined channel #clarion
*** Signoff: JimatUCSD (QUIT: )
*** JimatUCSD has joined channel #clarion
NancyE: Jim, better now?
JimatUCSD: Boy am I embarassed.
NancyE: S'okay.
kfowler: It's not Star Trek yet, is it?
TimK: Nope.
NancyE: Jim, welcome. Please introduce yourself.
JimatUCSD: Yes, hello. I'm Jim Shea, obviously technology-deficient
TimK: Hehe join the club.
JimatUCSD: I work in Development at UCSD.
kwilhelm: I have a statement I'd like to present, explaining a bit about the background of our move.
TimK: Great! Before we start taking questions, Kate has a prepared statement she would like to post.
TimK: Go ahead, Kate.
kwilhelm: In the late spring of 2005 the Clarion Workshop was declared dead, with no future funding to be granted after 2006, and the projected budget for 2006 was seriously deficient in meeting the needs of the workshop. The Clarion Foundation was organized at that time, with the mission to ensure the continuation of the workshop into the future. Liz Zernechel agreed to become the Director for 2006, and with her dedicated assistance, along with Mary Sheridan and our own board members, we reworked the budget and the 2006 workshop was a tremendous success. Soon after organizing, our first formal motion adopted our priorities for seeking a new host. Topmost among them was to stay east of the Mississippi if at all possible. Next was affordability, then stability, and sufficient funding. There were two tentative offers that met the first priority but failed all the rest. We had to reject them. For the following year we pursued other possibilities that would meet our priorities, but we were not able to find a new host.
kwilhelm: Early in the summer of 2006, with no home and no funding for another year, we agreed that we had to widen our search to include all of the states. To our surprise soon afterward there were three good proposals for us to consider. They came from Lenoir-Rhyne, a private college in North Carolina, one from MSU Outreach, and one from UC San Diego. Any one of them, had it been the only offer, would have been acceptable, but we had to choose. For several weeks we discussed and debated them all, asked for and received clarifications when needed, and modifications if needed. When we finally took a vote on which to accept, the overwhelming vote of the Board of Directors was for UCSD. It failed our first early priority, which we had been forced to abandon, but met the test of the others.
kwilhelm: We are convinced that UCSD offers the affordability students require, stability, and sufficient funding for the next five years, at the very least, to ensure the continuation of the high quality workshop that Clarion has always been. For hundreds of past students of Clarion the memories of the workshops will forever evoke memories of the beautiful MSU campus and the two will be forever inseparable.
kwilhelm: And to ensure that Mary Sheridan will always be associated with the Clarion Workshop, as she has been for nearly three decades, the Clarion Foundation has started a Mary Sheridan Endowment Scholarship Fund, to be administered and maintained by the Clarion Foundation itself. We‚ll miss you, Mary, but you will be a part of Clarion forever, too.
NancyE: Is Kate's statement finished?
TimK: Yes it is.
mburstein: If no one else has a question, I have one or two, but they're rather trivial.
kfowler: trivial is a great way to start
TimK: Agreed, go ahead mburstein.
mburstein: Ahem. Can it really be Clarion without mosquitos, heat, tornados, and creaky elevators?
LeslieWhat: You got tornados?
mburstein: Many stories were generated with those elements, IIRC.
NancyE: LOL
mburstein: And my other question...
jkelly: Damn, We forgot the mosquitos!
NancyE: To be honest, I will miss the fireflies.
kfowler: We will have to substitute earthquakes and tidal waves. Won't that work?
jvandermeer: Can mosquitos be imported, perchance?
blayupan: ?
mburstein: I have to admit that I am constantly annoyed at the way Clarion kept being referred to as "Clarion East." Will you work to have people stop calling it that?
kwilhelm: Clarion is a state of hte mind. Furnish your own mosquitoes, etc.
jkelly: Well they won't anymore
mburstein: Earthquakes are good for stories.
NancyE: We are trying hard to eradicate the "Clarion East" thing. SFWA is not helping.
kwilhelm: WE have NEVER been Clarion East, Never, never!
mburstein: For those of us from the east coast, it was really more like "Clarion midwest" anyway.
TimK: I have a newb question -- Clarion West is a SFWA organization?
LeslieWhat: No!
blayupan: I can't remember mosquitoes and fireflies during my stint at East Lansing, but there was plenty of pollen to set allergies off.
TimK blushes
jkelly: The street will find another name for us, I'm afraid.
kfowler: The street is merciless.
blayupan: It seems to me the workshop may be called Clarion Sun, Clarion Beach, Clarion Surf now.
NancyE: Yes. "Clarion East" was just a street name. It's very difficult that it has stuck so well.
jkelly: But we have no control over that in the same way we couldn't stop "Clarion East."
kwilhelm: I insist. WE are Clarion. Period.
blayupan: I always called it Clarion.
NancyE: And Clarion always called itself Clarion.
mburstein: I always called it Clarion, and I recently blogged about the change and reminded people to call it "Clarion." Period.
blayupan: What's the chat's agenda?
jkelly: Thanks, Michael.
NancyE: Open Q&A, Boris.
NancyE: Type "question" and Tim will call on you.
blayupan: Ok
LeslieWhat: Boris, by the time I key this in someone else might answer, but it's to talk about the move to UCSD.
blayupan: cool
jkelly: Yay!
blayupan: I can only wonder what the MSU dorms and cafeteria is like along with having Damon & Kate as instructors. Any immediate effects of the move to UCSD?
jkelly: UCSD is a beautiful campus in an entirely different way from MSU. Think ocean front view and beautiful weather
kfowler: Thank you, Kate. Let me just add that one of the advantages in our minds to UCSD was that UCSD's thinking was very long term.
NancyE: What are the immediate effects of the move to UCSD? Any takers?
LeslieWhat: I want to reinforce the idea that the the board formed to work for Clarion and the writers who invest the resources (emotional and financial) to attend the program.
mburstein: Um, are we still supposed to use the word "question" to indicate that we have a question?
NancyE: Yes.
mburstein: question
TimK: Go ahead.
kfowler: The immediate effects that come to my mind are the difficulties involved in moving from a place that was our home for so long.
NancyE: Yes, a battle to get people to understand this is not the end of Clarion. We're just moving, not dying.
mburstein: This is a little less trivial. MSU has an archive of all the stories written and photocopied at Clarion by the resident workshops there. Will that material be moved to UCSD?
jkelly: yes, the archive will move.
lzernechel: question
jkelly: The library at UCSD is well equipped to handle them
kfowler: The archives will move. Our arrangement with UCSD is that, should the workshop cease to be housed there, the archives will join the current collection of sf materials at Riverside.
NancyE: The Eaton collection, one of the largest sf collections in the world.
kwilhelm: WE will be certain that the archives are well stored and available at UCSD They are a very valuable asset.
NancyE: Liz, go ahead.
TimK: Sorry, missed that *sheepish*
lzernechel: It is our understanding that all materials that were created while Clarion was at MSU, including the archives, could not be moved from MSU
lzernechel: That was part of the reason we were so pushing to keep it here
NancyE: Maybe Kate can answer this...or Jim Shea?
kfowler: We were told otherwise.
NancyE: Agreed.
JimatUCSD: I can try. I don't know what the situation is at MSU, but generally, the archive would be movable if there were not a specific agreement to keep it.
kwilhelm: We belive it can be moved, and we're working on that premise with the cooperation of Peter Berg, a librarian in Special Collections.
NancyE: Peter Berg at MSU?
kfowler: Yes.
JimatUCSD: I know that in past conversations, our Special Coll Librarian has been in touch with Peter.
kwilhelm: Yes, he is at MSU.
JimatUCSD: Peter has provided a detailed list of the documents that are in the Archive, and outlined the size and space needed to house it
JimatUCSD: So I assume he considers it movable
NancyE: Other questions?
Mfurlong: question
blayupan: ?
kwilhelm: Jim, he indicated as much in an earlier e-mail.
TimK: Go ahead Mfurlong
Mfurlong: Will next year be the 40th anniversary for Clarion, and if so, is there any kind of event planned for alumni
JimatUCSD: This is a great question
Mfurlong: next year? at the new location?
JimatUCSD: I've already been thinking ahead to which year is the 40th -- 2007, the fortieth class, or 2008?
NancyE: Yes, I've been wondering that, too. Started in 1968...
kfowler: Which year was the thirtieth reunion? I was there, I should know. But I don't.
Mfurlong: lol
kwilhelm: I've never been able to grasp what century it is when it changes from one to another.
lzernechel: This year was the 39th Clarion class
jvandermeer: Wow. Started the year I was born. So that would make it 38, the same age as me. LOL!
kfowler: That was a mighty fine year, Jeff
NancyE: Second that. :)
JimatUCSD: Yes, we generally do events when it's been 40 years since, rather than the 40th time
JimatUCSD: At least in fundraising, and event planning
NancyE: I think the answer is there will definitely be an event, but details aren't worked out yet.
tcastleberry: I work in a hotel here in San Diego; I can help with the event location and housing and such
lzernechel: We already had a number of things in the hopper at MSU for the 40th anniversery and if the Foundation would like, we'd be happy to host it as right now the office is still open.
NancyE: Thank you, Traci.
Keith: Just my opinion, but I think having the move and the 40th anniversary coincide would be a good omen...
JimatUCSD: You're obviously not caught up in the move ;-)
Keith: heh heh, true nuff
*** Signoff: kfedewa (Connection reset by peer)
NancyE: LOL
blayupan: ?
TimK: There's a good question.
TimK: Can anyone talk a bit about the logistics of the move? What is happening when?
kfowler: We probably need to think this through more before we make a plan here. But there should certainly be a 40th bash, someplace or other.
NancyE: I think Boris had a question.
blayupan: yes
*** kfedewa has joined channel #clarion
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TimK: OK, sorry to stomp on you Boris -- go ahead first.
LeslieWhat: (Liz, I'd love to know what you had planned--another time if this isn't the venue.)
blayupan: I was wondering what the strengths of next year's instructors are?
blayupan: I'm afraid I'm not familiar with them.
NancyE: One of them is here tonight. Jeff?
LeslieWhat: Jeff V, are you ready with an instructor statement? :)
kfowler: We have Greg Frost in Week One. Greg is a very experienced Clarion instructor and always does a fabulous job.
NancyE: Yes, Greg taught in 1996 and 2000
LeslieWhat: Traci or Liz, perhaps you could say something about Cory D.?
kfowler: We have Mary Anne Mohanraj (did I get that spelled right?) in week two. Mary Anne is also absolutely terrific, though this will be her first Clarion outing.
*** jkelly has joined channel #clarion
kfowler: Is Jeff week three? I think so,
lzernechel: Cory was a great suicide week instructor
lzernechel: :P
blayupan: was Mary Anne in a Year's Best anthology of Dozois'?
NancyE: :)
jvandermeer: yes, i'm week 3
tcastleberry: Cory talked a lot about electronic publishing and related things. Very fun to have around
NancyE: Mary Anne is interesting in that she writes lots of different stuff.
kfowler: Jeff is amazingly imaginative and edgy and we are counting on him to push students in directions they are surprised to find themselves going.
jvandermeer: I have some idea of focus and approach that I think will be both imaginative and team-building.
kfowler: Both Jeff and Mary Anne have experience in publishing as well as being incredible writers.
jvandermeer: My wife Ann will also be with me, and she has a lot of publisher/editor experience.
NancyE: Mary Anne's home page:
jvandermeer: so she's an additional asset.
NancyE: (Yes, I spelled it right.)
jvandermeer: and i'll be making myself available 24-7 for any questions they have about anything connected to writing or publishing.
kfowler: Cory Doctorow is week four. As Liz says, his job is to keep everyone upright, inspired and non suicidal.
NancyE: Heh heh
Keith: My wife will appreciate that
jvandermeer: But as for a statement. I plan to make them work hard, to see their writing from a different perspective, but still have fun.
LeslieWhat: is for Delia and Ellen.
kfowler: Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman will do the last two weeks.
NancyE: Vee vill hef fun!
tcastleberry: Who's the editor-in-res?
kfowler: They are primarily fantasy writers, fantastic teachers, full of energy of the kinder, gentler sort.
LeslieWhat: Delia has editorial experience with Tor.
kfowler: I think it's one of the strongest line-ups we've had.
NancyE: And, of course, there'll be Jeff's wife.
LeslieWhat: Also, Maryanne has edited short fiction and has worked as a consulting editor.
kfowler: We haven't picked the editor yet.
jvandermeer: I don't know about an editor in res but I ran an indie publishing company for 15 years and have edited several award-winning anthologies. I know the scene inside and out, including foreign markets, etc. Both indie and big publishers.
jvandermeer: I'll make sure they know that. Even as I focus primarily on the writing.
kfowler: As I said, we've got it all covered.
LeslieWhat: Except the mosquitos
NancyE: And the fireflies.
blayupan: no pollen?
JimatUCSD: No misquitos here
jkelly: And the humidity
jvandermeer: Any land whales?
NancyE: Plenty of pollen
JimatUCSD: Some pollen -- but I'm allergic to everything
kfowler: We are breeding an unholy cross species of Mosquito.firefly in the San Diego labs even as we speak.
NancyE: LOL!!
kfowler: You light up like a firecracker if you're bitten.
Keith: Ocean sunsets, quite sufficient for me
blayupan: I like long walks along the beach with pleasant company.
TimK: Any more on the 2007 lineup?
kfowler: And rainy afternoons, Boris?
blayupan: nope
jkelly: How about the dorm space, Jim? Quads with living rooms?
JimatUCSD: Yes, the dorms are among the newest on campus
JimatUCSD: Quads with kitchen and living room; single bedrooms
jkelly: I'm thinking that there will be more Clarion togetherness.
NancyE: Ah, sweet Clarion togetherness.
jkelly: More late night bull sessions
JimatUCSD: Some are quints (?) instead of quads.
jvandermeer: (Thanks for inviting me, and I'm sorry to do this but I'm packing for a trip and must head out now. I'm thrilled about the opportunity to teach and think San Diego will be lovely. Bye for now.)
*** Signoff: jvandermeerr (QUIT: )
NancyE: What, no sexts?
kfowler: Harder to sneak off unobserved?
JimatUCSD: Bye. Stop by any time.
blayupan: How're things with assistant/volunteer help for Clarion?
JimatUCSD: Well, in addition to Traci, who's here tonight
kfowler: Traci was our first volunteer
JimatUCSD: there are two more who have checked in so far
JimatUCSD: One is a computer specialist who works on campus
JimatUCSD: Another is part of the local smof community
NancyE: One great thing about UCSD is the size of the local sf community
JimatUCSD: And we have a large on campus club, Darkstar
NancyE: The volunteer picture is definitely off to a great start.
JimatUCSD: third largest sf lending library in the country
JimatUCSD: Darkstar, that is
blayupan: I don't know if my perception is correct, but I didn't have the feeling the SF/F community was so huge in East Lansing like it is in Seattle. Does anyone know what E Lansing was like?
kfowler: East Lansing's community was small but mighty
Mfurlong: there was really good local support from the booksellers in the area that had formed relationships with CLarion.
LeslieWhat: The Ann Arbor community was also active.
Mfurlong: The archives bookstore was particularly helpful.
Mfurlong: in East Lansing.
lzernechel: there is excellent support here, it's just a matter of letting them know you want to be a part of them
kfedewa: As a student at MSU, I can safely say that the SF community is there and growing. Within MSU, classes are now being offered in everything from Tolkien to SF game design.
blayupan: Too bad I didn't connect with the SF/F people while I was there.
kfowler: But we never had the social scene that Seattle provided.
kfowler: I don't know if that's good or bad.
NancyE: The social scene, and interactions with UCSD scientists, should be terrific.
NancyE: Yeah, Karen. I'm not sure either. :)
kfowler: I'm really excited about the possibilty of discussions with the UCSD scientists.
blayupan: Too bad about the social sitch too. I wanted to reach out while there, but didn't know where to go during my Clarion.
JimatUCSD: They're excited too
jkelly: I'm very psyched by some of the science touring opportunities at UCSD
lzernechel: The sci-fi community here at E. Lansing is sad to see Clarion go and truly wants to find a way to stay involved.
skelly: The only way I got through 06 was the lack of a social scene, it was me, the manuscripts and my computer.
kwilhelm: Karen, the social scene was regarded as great, or awful and too distracting. Depends on who asks and who answers, I think.
Mfurlong: ditto skelly
LeslieWhat: Being a writer is always just you and the page. But when you're not writing, the social scene is great.
blayupan: I try to balance being a hermit and a social butterfly.
Keith: Question, when you get around to it
kfowler: I never was a student at Clarion so it's frankly hard for me to imagine how anyone can write six stories in six weeks. But I'm pretty sure I would need outside stuff to give me story ideas.
NancyE: I think it would be wonderful if we could find a way to keep the E. Lansing sf community involved.
TimK: Go ahead, Keith, I think we're just vamping :-)
JimatUCSD: We'd be interested in how we can help support that (responding to NancyE and Liz)
Keith: Heh heh... For Jim and Jim. You mention the science touring, what is at UCSD? I'm an astrophysicist and NASA engineer, so I'm curious what they work on
JimatUCSD: Oh my, let's see...
JimatUCSD: We're in the top three in the country in oceanography and neuroscience
JimatUCSD: in the top five in bioengineering
JimatUCSD: very strong interdisciplinary research focus, especially in emerging sciences
kfowler: Jim Shea -- when you finish with the science accolades, could you say something about Sixth College and its mission statement?
JimatUCSD: like stem cell, nanotechnology, and IT blending into telecom
blayupan: any work in synaptic computer interfaces and human gene therapy?
skelly: What kinds of research facilities does UCSD have? Touring the super collider at MSU was interesting. Anything like that?
*** Signoff: jkelly (Connection reset by peer)
JimatUCSD: Yes
NancyE: Oceanography is much involved with global warming issues, as well.
*** Signoff: mburstein (Connection reset by peer)
JimatUCSD: that's yes to the computer interfaces and gene therapy
kfowler: Nevermind. Answer the science questions --
JimatUCSD: Tours--California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technologies
JimatUCSD: Scripps Institution of Oceanography (on the beach)
blayupan: thanks
JimatUCSD: Center for Research in Computing and the Arts -- motion capture, etc.
JimatUCSD: Okay I'll stop....
NancyE: LOL
Keith: That's really encouraging. Most all of that is well outside of my field, which is exactly as I'd hoped -- very useful.
lzernechel: Jim, in response yours and Nancy's comment, I've been working on keeping science fiction / fantasy events thriving here in central MI and I'm pleased to say that the future prospects look very good. Maybe this isn't the place for it, but our ideas are wide and far-reaching, and we would be happy to discuss opportunities with you.
*** jkelly has joined channel #clarion
NancyE: Other questions?
JimatUCSD: And Sixth College is an undergraduate college that focuses on the interrelationships between culture, art and technology, and the way each influences the others: think longitude and the ability to cross the oceans, and compare it to computer technologies...
kfowler: That's wonderful, Liz.
JimatUCSD: Okay, really, I'll stop...
JimatUCSD: Thanks, Liz
kfowler: Now Sixth College?
JimatUCSD: I'm happy to work with you on links back into E Lansing
kwilhelm: Liz, I think that the board would be delighted to continue our relationship in one way or another.
kfowler: One of the people we spoke to about bringing Clarion to San Diego was the head of Sixth College.
*** Signoff: jkelly (Connection reset by peer)
TimK: Other questions?
blayupan: ?
lzernechel: well, we are trying to make as many opportunities as possible in this complicated matter.
blayupan: I have a question.
lzernechel: thanks Kate
TimK: Boris, go ahead.
blayupan: What does the board think of the idea of an abbreviated one week
blayupan: workshop for grads at MSU every year? Odyssey has one for its grads called
blayupan: the never ending odyssey (TNEO).
lzernechel: well... that is something we are in the planning but NOT under the name Clarion
lzernechel: and we DON'T want to add to the confusion
lzernechel: :)
blayupan: I'm certain many Clarionites would like to go back for a taste of yesteryear.
tcastleberry: If you really want to do an alumni party--would anyone have ideas on dates and size? I could get a quote from my hotel; we do a lot of cons. And how long? 3 days on a weekend or something?
lzernechel: Reunions are also in our planning
lzernechel: :)
kwilhelm: I love the idea of workshop reunions for grads. I've been asked about this many, many times.
lzernechel: Did you guys tap into my computer and get my proposals?
lzernechel: :P
blayupan: Odyssey's workshop reunions are very popular.
Mfurlong: that sounds like a really great idea to have for grads
tcastleberry: Or maybe we could do a welcom-to-San Diego for alums; give them tours of UCSD and such too
*** jkelly has joined channel #clarion
kfowler: I think Walter Jon Williams (a board member who couldn't be here) and Connie WIllis are planning a grad level workshop, too.
tcastleberry: Um--it's Taos Toolbox.
tcastleberry: A couple weeks in July
Keith: (I think a "welcome to SD" for alums would be an excellent idea -- might alieviate some anxiety about the move)
JimatUCSD: I have to say that the amount of time and energy the Board's been putting into the move is an incredible amount of work
kfowler: Thank you, Jim
JimatUCSD: so I'm not sure how much psychic energy they have for more new stuff in 2007
kwilhelm: I don't think it matters how many or where they are if they're open to all grads. Travel to the nearest one could be essential for a short stay.
LeslieWhat: (Thanks, Traci--was searching through the emails to find that url)
blayupan: Kinda wish I didn't go to to Clarion at MSU now. What's the Taos Toolbox for?
LeslieWhat: Boris, check out the URL Traci posted.
kfowler: You'll have to get the details from Walter Jon. It's not one of our projects.
tcastleberry: The Taos thing is geared toward Clarion and Odyssey alums, novel-focused, mostly for those of us who aren't published and need a boost
lzernechel: That's right, Kate, there aren't many opportunities for Clarion grads and we think that more possibilities only enhances the bond
blayupan: thanks for info.
lzernechel: And proximity is important for those types of reunions
lzernechel: not to mention seclusion
JimatUCSD: I like anything in 2007 that facilitates the move and maintains links into the East Lansing community, for the start
JimatUCSD: And then focus on the newer ideas, for alums
LeslieWhat: Jim Shea's comment about energy is true. There's a lot more the board could do if our focus widened, but the Workshop is our top priority.
kfowler: Jim Shea has also been working incredibly hard on fund-raising possibilities. As Kate said in her opening statement, keeping the workshop affordable is a primary concern.
jkelly: My connection for the past fifteen minutes has been dicey so I think I'm going to sign off. Thanks to everyone for coming!
JimatUCSD: One of our goals is to do the kind of broadbased fundraising that allows the Board to focus less on that and more on new, interesting ideas for the program
kfowler: Along those lines, I'm really happy with the Mary Sheridan endowment.
tcastleberry: Yeah--that's really neat
kfowler: Nothing we can do would be thanks enough for all the times Mary kept us safe and dry.
kfowler: You go plan the reunion party, Jim Kelly.
kfedewa: Yes. I work with Mary, and I know that she would want you to know that she is honored. (A little embarrassed, but honored.)
kfedewa: =)
NancyE: Bye Jim K
jkelly: Thanks, I'll be there. Bye all!
*** jkelly has left channel #clarion
blayupan: bye
TimK: Other questions?
blayupan: trying to think of something.
NancyE: I don't know about others, but I sure need my dinner
kfowler: Maybe we're done here?
kwilhelm: Question: Can I go eat now?
blayupan: looks like it...
Keith: I'm looking forward to it -- you'll have my application in a month or two ;-)
rvukcevich: Thanks for letting be the fly on the wall. Very interesting. :) You guys are doing a great job. I've got to run now. Ray
blayupan: the body needs food.
kfowler: Early submission recommended.
NancyE: LOL! Yes, let's go eat!
TimK: OK, let's wrap things up then.
blayupan: I've eaten.
JimatUCSD: Sorry I was so late....
NancyE: Bye, Ray
TimK: Thanks everyone for attending.
blayupan: better late than never.
skelly: Bye everyone, thanks to the board for making this decision.
*** rvukcevich has left channel #clarion
Mfurlong: Jim, does UCSD have an MFA program?
kfowler: Thanks to all
TimK: Thanks to our guests from the board, and Jim from UCSD.
NancyE: Bye skelly
JimatUCSD: Thanks for putting it together
kwilhelm: By all. My stomach is making a terrible racket. Out of here.
*** skelly has left channel #clarion
JimatUCSD: Bye all
tcastleberry: Have a good night, folks
*** Signoff: kfowler (QUIT: )
Mfurlong: Yes, starts this fall
Keith: 'Night to all, time to get the baby to bed. Many thanks!
JimatUCSD: Creative Writing MFA
Mfurlong: hmm, interesting timing. OK, thanks.
NancyE: Thanks to Tim Keating, our honorable host.
*** kwilhelm has left channel #clarion
*** Signoff: tdoyle (Connection reset by peer)
kfedewa: Goodnight all, and thanks.
TimK: Night all.
*** Signoff: kfedewa (QUIT: )
Mfurlong: Goodnight, Kate
Log file closed at: 9/28/06 7:41:24 PM

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